Friday, August 23, 2013

Installing Gnuradio for bladeRF

Tonight I finished the installation of the software.

I managed to get gnuradio installed without any problems.

And it worked, I managed to run my helloworld-gnuradio-program

This program consists of a source (a noise-generator), a throttle and a sink.

I tried to use audio as a sink but that did not work, not any noise.
I tried an FFT and it displayed my noise-source.
I changed the noise source for two signal generators.
One generator with a sine at 400 Hz , the other a sine at 1000 Hz.
I added the two signals into an FFT-display. (yes, with a throttle in between)

That worked fine!!

I got a real-time FFT-display.

If I do exactly the same on Windows ( I installed gnuradio a few weeks before on Windows)
I have a problem with the display. Errors about a circular buffer. If I disable OPENGL it works but not all functions behave normally. The FFT is OK, but histograms does not work.

So, linux (Ubuntu) under VMWare is able to correctly run gnuradio.
My Windows implimentation of gnuradio is not functioning correctly.


Somehow my precious, expensive, bladeRF-board (a 115-type!) is not seen by linux/VMWare/Windows.

Any way bladeRF-cli does not see any bladeRFnn
Any way Windows DOES mention a bladeRF-device that does not start up.

I am afraid I have a VMWare-USB-Windows problem!

What to do now????

1. Investigate the USB-VMware-problem
2. Give up and boot my laptop from a live linux-CD/DVD or install multiboot???

I don't know what is the best strategy to be able to play with my bladeRF-115-toy!

COMMENTS ARE MORE THAN WELCOME, IE helpful suggestions please!

Time to show myself and my dog, Boris, in Caminha, Portugal,
 at the end of 2012. My wife takes this picture, I guess...

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