Saturday, August 17, 2013

First steps from git to bladeRF-software

This whole project is becoming quite a challenge!

I installed a window-program to use github and somehow I managed (by accident?) to get a copy of github's bladeRF software to a more local place on my hard disk. I use Windows 7 prof. Studying the software I decided to go for linux. Most of the bladeRF-people seem to do that. Why do it differently? Yes, think differently takes you to a higher place but this is already difficult enough!

I had Ubunti running under VMWare under Windows prof 7.

I managed to mount my bladeRF-directory-tree and could access the files from Ubuntu.

Ubuntu warned me to get about 52 updates. I got the updates and discovered I lost my bladeRF-files. That is to say: I could not access the share anymore.

OK, I had to reinstall VMware-tools.

After that I went to the linux/kernel directory and did what I had to do

I went to the linux/lib directory and libusb was missing.

I installed aptitude and did: sudo apt-get install libusb
I choose for lib 1.0.0

Back to make lib
Lot of errors. Difficult to understand what is happening here.

I had to install teclalib or libtecla and back to lib

Finally go to the directory linux/apps and make apps

Problems: there is not any sign of bin/bladeRF-cli the directory bin is empty

I have to find out what is going wrong.

The main idea for installing software in linux is becoming clear to me:

1. there is an automatic installer: apt-get   OR:
2. there are tar-archives that should be copied to and extracted from /tmp
3. you look for a readme and RFM!
4. you give the command 'make' (yes, without the quotes)
5. you do sort of make install
6. somehow go through the pile of messages to find out if all is OK

Well, thusfar I learned an enormous lot of things about linux. However, the bladeRF-board is still in the box, it is no use connect it to my laptop-USB-3-port if there is no corresponding software running...

Do I need libusb1.0.0 or libusb0.1.0????

A lot of questions.

1. I want to make/install the bladeRF demo software running Ubuntu/linux
2. I will install gnuradio in Ubuntu (it more or less runs in Windows already!)

Comments on my ramblings are more than welcome. I can use any suggestion of more experienced users (perhaps almost every bladeRF-owner ?)

big storm: broken mill in a garden in Caminha, Portugal

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