Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Git and Github is great! Nice version control software for my bladeRF software

I was stuck in git last time I tried to get working software for my bladeRF.

The software for the bladeRF is on https://github.com/Nuand/bladeRF

So, you have to use git. Git is all about version control software (VCS). At first git scared me, it was daunting, it looked very complex. But I had to use it. So, after installing the software, play with it and trying to avoid RFM., I had to admit: you have a problem. Tonight I finally did some serious study, found a nice tutorial and finally had success! I cloned the bladeRF software and I now have a working version locally which I can easily keep up to date with git!

I even understand what I am doing now!

This is the URL for help about git:  http://git-scm.com/book/en/Getting-Started

I finally managed to patiently read the tutorial and try some commands. This is great stuff! It is all about RFM. Normally I avoid manuals/tutorials/notes, etc. But this time was different.

I managed to set up git the right way. I installed gitk and git-gui. I configured git (just a matter of typing a username and email-address after having set up an account at github).

Then I finally cloned the bladeRF software to a local directory. Now I had the last version! I made the kernel, the lib and the apps. Now I have my bladeRF-cli

OK, I can't do anything useful with it right now but I am slowly creeping to success!

Next I'll try to build the software using the very clear tutorial in the bladeRF forum.

from my photo-archive: in March 2013 I photographed this
plate in Castrojeriz, Spain. It is about the "route de Santiago".
(I walked, with my dog, about 5 km of this route).

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