Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Windows installer for bladeRF-software

Nuand has new installer software for Windows

In the blog at they write:
There is now a Windows based installer for the bladeRF that will install all of the relevant drivers, user mode utilities, and FX3/FPGA images. The file can be directly downloaded from .
OK, download this installer and open it

A warning, but what else can I do than execute this file?

Yes! There is bladeRF CLI in the Windows Start Menu

What about USB3?

The bladeRF-board was connected all the time at anUSB2-port. Now the LEDs stopped blinking. The installation did something to it. The bladeRF-board was connected all the time at a USB2-port. I’ll unplug it and reconnect to a USB3-port and start bladeRF CLI

Oeps, the board is invisible for bladeRF-cli when connected at a USB3-port!
Reconnect to a USB2-port and restart bladeRF CLI

Get the latest image for the FPGA

I have to get the latest.img from
C:\bladeRF-master_new might be a good place for it.
I’ll put it on C:\Program Files (x86)\bladeRF

A lot of errors, I seem to have to define a variable

I get a lot of errors and I have to define an environment variable in Windows.
So, in the configuration screen of the start menu of Windows I select advanced and environment-variables.


Now it seems to be OK

Connect an antenna and try to get samples into a file

Oh boy, this is interesting. It is late in the night already but I take the antenna from my Kenwood  TH-F7, it has the same connector as the bladeRF-board, and connect it to RX.

I created a file with samples. What is in this comma-separated-values file?

File  C:/temp/new282810M.csv reads:

89, 81
88, 80
92, 76
84, 76
90, 77
88, 76
92, 77
90, 84
85, 77
92, 80
88, 81
86, 75
92, 73
86, 82
91, 76
89, 81
91, 77
92, 77
88, 81
86, 73
88, 77
86, 77
90, 77
90, 77
91, 77
88, 77
91, 79

So, not so interesting. I’d expect more variation in the value of the numbers…


OK, installation of the Windows software with the installer from Nuand is a breeze! Thanks a lot for all their efforts. They keep doing a great job.

After installation I got error-messages with a clue: define BLADERF_SKIP_FW_SIZE_CHECK = 0

It seems I did only get some noise in the file with the samples. I'll experiment with some parameters like the gain, bandwidth, frequency and samplerate. I have a signal-generator that can put a signal up to 1 GHz on the antenna. With 100 W output-power to the RX-input of the bladeRF-board I should be able to get some smoke into and out of my file!

(dont try this with 100 W, some microVolts should be enough :>))

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  1. Hi. I like your blog.

    I agree that the Windows installer is very good. Makes it very easy to get BladeRF going. SDR-Console has BladeRF support, so it becomes a very useful radio or simple spectrum analyser.

    One point for users of Windows 8, the install must be done in the special restart mode that removes the default block on unsigned drivers. Without this, Windows doesn't even tell you it didn't install the driver; it should at least do that.

    I have a blog too. Google my call sign VK4ZXI.

    Regards Drew